Review- The Fire

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Can you imagine what it would be like to only have one
movie to watch for the rest of your life, and that
movie was Legally Blonde?
I'm going to think "like dwight" for second.
If I was ever stranded on a desert island with a vhs
version legally blonde, I would use the tape as rope,
and make a raft. If it was a dvd, i would use the back
of it as a mirror to signal for help before I watched
it more than once.
This episode was one of many "Office" episodes where
Dwight feels undermined and tries to prove that he is,
in some way, superior and it never gets old. I have
the lyrics for "Ryan started the fire" for all you
dunderheads who I know look forward to Thursdays as
much as I do.
Joe McCarthy,
Richard nixon,
North Korea,
South Korea,
Marilyn Monroe.
Ryan started the fire!
It was always burnin'
Since the worlds been turnin'

Don't forget to set the timer on your toaster oven!
~office gal~

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Review- Office Olympics

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By far the most creative thing i've seen done while
the boss is out. This episode reminds me of high
school on the days we had a substitute. We came up
with some pretty amusing ways to occupy our time, but
'Office Olympics' takes the cake.
Here are just a few suggestions for ways to keep you
from "Dying of boredom" at school or in the workplace:
• Hate Ball (Usually upsets those who may be
classified as "tightly wound")
• Dunderball (Tends to make a loud "Thud" noise.
Exercise caution)
• Coffee Run (Caution! Contents are hot!)
• M&M Stuff (Best played by those who are dull and/or
have big mouths)
• Flonkerten (In English: Box of paper snow shoe
• Pam Pong (Only play this if you are rude, and
jealous of another relationship)
• Elevator Guess (You don't have to be a business school
student to win at this, but it helps)

Also, if any of you are going to buy a condo in the
near future, you might want really pay attention
and/or ask questions when the whole mortgage issue is
brought up.
I made two collages for this episode because there are
really two important story lines; The office Olympics
and Michael closing on his condo. I know when they
wrote this episode they had the 'condo' as a sub-plot,
but, to me anyway, it seemed just as important as the
normal plot. I hope they both bring back some season
two memories for everyone, and remind us of simpler
times :)

May your eternal flame of competition always smell
like cookies.


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Review- Sexual Harassment

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Review- Sexual Harassment

If you have ever worked anywhere that was part of a
chain (like a popular restaurant) then you've probably
been through something similar to what the employees
at "The Office" went through. It's boring, a little
ebarrassing, at times, gross, and always awkward. But
you have to go through it so you do. Its like a slow
train wreck. What happens in this episode is not much
different. The only difference is two major
exagerations; Michael and Todd Packer. They make
sexual harrassment seem like a joke. Actually, they
make it a joke, and they also make many more jokes
surronding this uncomforable topic. However, no matter
how crude or embarrassing it all is, Greg Daniels,
B.J. Novak, and the rest of the cast and crew really
deliver in this episode. As always, they take
something, which in real life would horrible to
witness in a workplace, and they make it hilariously
This episode is the source of some of the greatest
bloopers of the entire season.
Where did Dwight go to school? I'm pretty sure its
mandatory to learn about human anatomy no matter where
you grow up. Anyway, I strongly suggest you all look
for the 'Toby and Dwight-Human Anatomy' scene in the
blooper real. I laugh every time.
'til next time!
~office gal

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Review- The Dundies

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Review- The Dundies

Welcome to Season Two!!!

Are you the kind of person that has really white
sneakers? Do you excel in stinking up bathrooms? Are
you a tight ass? Are you an undiscovered "sexiest in
the office"? Then you might be the perfect candidate
to win a tiny Dundie! Don't drink too much though! You
might miss your boss being pummeled with food while
butchering a number of classic songs. If you do decide
to drink, try not to fall out of your chair!
Can you BELIEVE Pam kissed Jim! HOLY CRAP!! Could we
ask for a better way to kick off season two? I think
Jim had a pretty good night.
This Episode has way too many funny, classic, clever
moments to quote, but i'll try.
I've also made another officegal episode collage to
remind you guys and gals of some key moments in this
episode. I hope it brings back memories!
Stay tuned!
~Office gal~

Favorite quotes-

"Please, please, do NOT drink and drive because you
might hit a bump, and spill the drink!"

"At Least I didn't get smelliest bowel movement like

"TMI? Too much information. Uh, it's just easier to
say TMI. I used to say don't go there, but that's
lame. "

I don't know, what?"
*Pam falls*
"Oh my god!You are sooo drunk!"
Jim and Pam

"You know what they say about a car wreck where it's
so awful you can't look away? The Dundies are like a
car wreck that you want to look away, but you have to
stare at it because your boss is making you."

"The Dundies are kind of like a kid's birthday party,
and you go, and there's really nothing for you to do
there, but the kid's having a really good time, so
you're kind of there? That's......that's kind of what
it's like."

"I think those might be empty" - Jim
No, because the ice melts, and then it's like
...second drink!" -Pam

"And the Tightass Award goes to Angela. Not only
because she is everybody's favorite stickler, but
because she has a great caboose. So come on down.
"No."- Angela

"I have so many people to thank for this award! Okay,
first off, my Keds, because I couldn't have done it
without them"-Pam

"Well he's a volunteer..."-Jim

"We have a strict policy here not to overserve.
Apparently this young woman was sneaking drinks off
other people's tables. I xeroxed her driver's license,
and she is not welcome at this restaurant chain ever
again." -Waiter at Chili's

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Review- Hot Girl

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Review- Hot Girl

What a great episode to end the season with. Pam has a
bad day and jim cheers her up, we find out how Jim
feels about all Pam's problems (all two of them), we
see how Dwight courts young ladies with purse buying,
and we learned that everyone at Dunder Mifflin could
"really move paper" in the 80's! Woooow. Crazy
episode. And poor Dwight! I felt so sad when Katy
rejected him. . I wonder what was up with Pam putting
on the lip gloss? I guess you could say this episode
definitely left me wanting more...

thats what she said.

'til next time!

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Review- Basketball

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Can you say "awkward"?  'Basketball'  is the episode
that really has people going "<_<>_>" when Jim and Roy
get competitive. Could it be that they are competing
for Pam's love?? :o
Seriously, this episode is kind of hard for me to
watch because there are so many sad/awkward moments in
it. Like when Michael is telling Phyllis that she cant
play on the team he actually says "yuck" to her
cheerleading offer. Yikes. That had to hurt. Or when
Roy hits Jim in the nose with his elbow? Ouch. This
episode is just painful, but I hope my custom made
collage makes it all better! I must say I'm really
proud of it. Maybe i'll do one for every episode. (?)
Give me your feedback :]
Talk to you soon!

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Review-The Alliance

Review- The Alliance

Well, to be honest I am not quite sure what to say
after seeing dwight with blonde hair, but here it
This episode is HILARIOUS. Michael Schur did an
awesome job writing this one, and John Krasinski
(Jim) and Rainn Wilson (Dwight) do some of their best
acting as well. This episode really outlines the
'Jim-Pam-Dwight' relationship. The prank they ull on
Dwight in this episode sets the mood for many many
more pranks to come. Also, in the end when Roy yells
at Jim for supposedly trying to "cup a feel" I really
got the sense that Jim felt the need to explain
himself because (maybe) he actually felt guilty about
having feeling for a women who is engaged. Only time
(and more episodes) will tell how far their
relationship goes....
cya next time

Favorite Quotes-

"This was tough. I suggested we flip a coin, but
Angela said she doesn't like to gamble. Of course, by
saying that, she was gambling that I wouldn't smack

"I'm a deer hunter, I go all the time with my dad. One
thing about deer? They have very good vision. One
thing about me? I'm better at hiding than they are at
vision. "

I spend hours thinking of ways to get back at him but
only in ways that would get me arrested. And then here
he comes and he says, "No, Jim, here's a way."

"Well, tensions were high in the kitchen
I could tell from the body language.
That looks good. What is it? Turkey? "
-Jim and Dwight

"God damn it! Why us?
Because we're strong, Dwight. Because we're strong! "
Jim and Dwight

"I think green is kind of whoreish."

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Review- Healthcare

Health Care is one of those episodes that really
emphasizes Dwights power hungry personality. The
'Dwight Shrute Workspace' pic really sums up this
Some of my favorite moments are the scenes when Dwight
is handing out the memo, and dwight and jim's argument
over the difference between an office and a workspace.
Oh ya, and just for fun, lets have a list of those
aweful diseases that so many employees in the office
suffer from; Leaprosy, flesh eating bacteria, hot dog
fingers, government created killer nano robot
infection, count choculitis, and the classic
spontaneous dental hydroplosion. This episode is
really one that I look forward to watching again and
again...even if there is no surprise at the end of the
See ya soon!

Favorite Quotes:


"Does that make me their doctor? Yes! Like a

"If this were my career i'd have to throw myself in
front of a train"

"So last night on trading spouses....did you watch it?
No I have a life.
Interesting. What's that like?
You should try it some time.
Wooow...but then who would watch my T.V.?
Sorta like...there's the problem."
-Jim and Pam

"You can use the conference room as a temporary
YES! I have an office!
Nope! you cannot use it."
-Michael and Dwight

"In the wild there is no healthcare. In the wild,
healthcare is 'Ow. I hurt my leg. I can't run. A lion
eats me and Im dead. Well, I'm not dead. I'm the
lion. You're dead."

"Why would you want to raise your cholesterol?
So I can lower it."
-Pam and Dwight

"Do I know what the surprise is? HELL NO!"

" *laughs* I couldn't find the knob"

"I'm not mad. I just want to know who did this so I
can punish them."

"Jim Halpert. Who is this?"

"I learned improv from the greats. Like Drew Carry and
Ryan styles

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Review- Diversity Day

Hey again!

Ahhh who could forget "Diversity Day"? I watched this
one with my father and he told me they do things like
"diversity days" at his office all the time. He also
finds the office hard to watch because Michael reminds
him of his boss.
This episode showed me how painful it is to watch
Michael sometimes. The Chris Rock line always makes me
cringe, but watching Mr. Brown try to put Michael in
his place is so worth it.
This episode also shows Michael picking on Toby for
the first time. Poor Toby...always the under dog.
We were also introduced to a new character in this
episode; Kelly!! The role of Kelly is played by Mindy
Kaling who plays a major role behind the scenes as
well. Mindy has actually written, edited, and produced
several of The Office Episodes. I read somewhere that
they needed another minority so they casted Mindy
because she was Indian. So, she's been on the show
ever since that famous slap heard around the world.
Also, a little known fact, Mr. Brown is played by
Larry Wilmore who has been the consulting producer for
23 episodes of The Office! Neato!
There was a little "Jam" action in this episode. When
Pam falls asleep on Jim's shoulder his facial
expressions are priceless. Jim has such a horrible
day, but Pam sleeping on his shoulder makes it
suddenly "not a bad day" at all.
If only all T.V. shows had this much heart...
See you soon!

Favorite quotes:

"Tit for tit!
THAT is not the expression.
Well it should be."
-Dwight and Jim

"I like it when the cards go "fitfitfitfitfit"

"This is a color free zone here. Stanley! I don't look
at you as another race."

"A hero kills people"

"Signed 'Daffy Duck' *laughs* he is gonna loose it
when he reads that"

"Sholum! Id like to apply for a loan"

"You wanna get high? I think ya do mon."

"Cop a squat"

"Ummmm not a bad day."

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Hi Everyone!
First of all, its so cool to see how the cast
interacts with one another in the very beginning;
before any of the cast members had formed their
friendships and before everyone was so well known. Not
to mention Michael's hair!
The random employees that are never given a name is
also something that sets the pilot apart from the
other episodes. If you watch closely in the first ever
conference room scene you'll notice about four people
who aren't in many of the later episodes. Also, since
it is the very first this episode, it kind of
introduces us to everyone. We learn that Michael
thinks he is the "Worlds Best Boss", that Dwight is so
power hungry he insists he is not "Assistant TO the
Regional Manager" but "Assistant Regional Manager" and
does not appreciate his things being put in Jello. We
learn that Pam is engaged and Jim doesn't really want
to think about being invited to the wedding, and who
could for get? Pam's favorite flavor is Mixed Berry!
This is always a fun episode to watch no matter how
far into season 4, 5, or 6 we ever get. "Pilot" brings
back great memories.


Favorite Quotes: " 'Thank you very much sir! You are
a gentleman and a scholar. Oh I'm sorry...okay...I'm mistake' that was a woman I was talking to.
She had a very low voice. Probably a smoker."

-Michael, Jim, and Dwight

"You put in the garbage can that was a special filing
cabinet "

"One word two syllables; demarcation"

"I Could fall and pierce... an organ"


"If I left what would i do with all this useless
information in my head?"

"Jim said mixed Berries?? Ohhh wow...ya he's on to

"I am a volunteer sheriffs deputy on the weekends, and
you cannot screw around there. It's sorta one of the

"Dwight I'm sorry because i've always been your
favorite flan.
You should have put him in custardy"
-Jim and Ryan

"Your a jerk!"


Deleted Scenes from 'Pilot'

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Lets try something new...

I have started so many blogs in the past and I was never able to keep them up. SOOO, I figured, what the hay? I'll try again and make it about something I'm actually interested in; The Office!!!

Yes its true..I'm addicted to this show and its amazing cast. I look forward to Thursday more than any other day of the week. 
In this blog you will find little reviews by yours truly from every episode and any other thoughts I might have about the show. Feel free to comment like crazy and tell me what you think.
See you soon,