Review- Healthcare

Health Care is one of those episodes that really
emphasizes Dwights power hungry personality. The
'Dwight Shrute Workspace' pic really sums up this
Some of my favorite moments are the scenes when Dwight
is handing out the memo, and dwight and jim's argument
over the difference between an office and a workspace.
Oh ya, and just for fun, lets have a list of those
aweful diseases that so many employees in the office
suffer from; Leaprosy, flesh eating bacteria, hot dog
fingers, government created killer nano robot
infection, count choculitis, and the classic
spontaneous dental hydroplosion. This episode is
really one that I look forward to watching again and
again...even if there is no surprise at the end of the
See ya soon!

Favorite Quotes:


"Does that make me their doctor? Yes! Like a

"If this were my career i'd have to throw myself in
front of a train"

"So last night on trading spouses....did you watch it?
No I have a life.
Interesting. What's that like?
You should try it some time.
Wooow...but then who would watch my T.V.?
Sorta like...there's the problem."
-Jim and Pam

"You can use the conference room as a temporary
YES! I have an office!
Nope! you cannot use it."
-Michael and Dwight

"In the wild there is no healthcare. In the wild,
healthcare is 'Ow. I hurt my leg. I can't run. A lion
eats me and Im dead. Well, I'm not dead. I'm the
lion. You're dead."

"Why would you want to raise your cholesterol?
So I can lower it."
-Pam and Dwight

"Do I know what the surprise is? HELL NO!"

" *laughs* I couldn't find the knob"

"I'm not mad. I just want to know who did this so I
can punish them."

"Jim Halpert. Who is this?"

"I learned improv from the greats. Like Drew Carry and
Ryan styles

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