Review- Office Olympics

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By far the most creative thing i've seen done while
the boss is out. This episode reminds me of high
school on the days we had a substitute. We came up
with some pretty amusing ways to occupy our time, but
'Office Olympics' takes the cake.
Here are just a few suggestions for ways to keep you
from "Dying of boredom" at school or in the workplace:
• Hate Ball (Usually upsets those who may be
classified as "tightly wound")
• Dunderball (Tends to make a loud "Thud" noise.
Exercise caution)
• Coffee Run (Caution! Contents are hot!)
• M&M Stuff (Best played by those who are dull and/or
have big mouths)
• Flonkerten (In English: Box of paper snow shoe
• Pam Pong (Only play this if you are rude, and
jealous of another relationship)
• Elevator Guess (You don't have to be a business school
student to win at this, but it helps)

Also, if any of you are going to buy a condo in the
near future, you might want really pay attention
and/or ask questions when the whole mortgage issue is
brought up.
I made two collages for this episode because there are
really two important story lines; The office Olympics
and Michael closing on his condo. I know when they
wrote this episode they had the 'condo' as a sub-plot,
but, to me anyway, it seemed just as important as the
normal plot. I hope they both bring back some season
two memories for everyone, and remind us of simpler
times :)

May your eternal flame of competition always smell
like cookies.


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