Review- Sexual Harassment

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Review- Sexual Harassment

If you have ever worked anywhere that was part of a
chain (like a popular restaurant) then you've probably
been through something similar to what the employees
at "The Office" went through. It's boring, a little
ebarrassing, at times, gross, and always awkward. But
you have to go through it so you do. Its like a slow
train wreck. What happens in this episode is not much
different. The only difference is two major
exagerations; Michael and Todd Packer. They make
sexual harrassment seem like a joke. Actually, they
make it a joke, and they also make many more jokes
surronding this uncomforable topic. However, no matter
how crude or embarrassing it all is, Greg Daniels,
B.J. Novak, and the rest of the cast and crew really
deliver in this episode. As always, they take
something, which in real life would horrible to
witness in a workplace, and they make it hilariously
This episode is the source of some of the greatest
bloopers of the entire season.
Where did Dwight go to school? I'm pretty sure its
mandatory to learn about human anatomy no matter where
you grow up. Anyway, I strongly suggest you all look
for the 'Toby and Dwight-Human Anatomy' scene in the
blooper real. I laugh every time.
'til next time!
~office gal

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