Review- Basketball

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Can you say "awkward"?  'Basketball'  is the episode
that really has people going "<_<>_>" when Jim and Roy
get competitive. Could it be that they are competing
for Pam's love?? :o
Seriously, this episode is kind of hard for me to
watch because there are so many sad/awkward moments in
it. Like when Michael is telling Phyllis that she cant
play on the team he actually says "yuck" to her
cheerleading offer. Yikes. That had to hurt. Or when
Roy hits Jim in the nose with his elbow? Ouch. This
episode is just painful, but I hope my custom made
collage makes it all better! I must say I'm really
proud of it. Maybe i'll do one for every episode. (?)
Give me your feedback :]
Talk to you soon!

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