Review- Diversity Day

Hey again!

Ahhh who could forget "Diversity Day"? I watched this
one with my father and he told me they do things like
"diversity days" at his office all the time. He also
finds the office hard to watch because Michael reminds
him of his boss.
This episode showed me how painful it is to watch
Michael sometimes. The Chris Rock line always makes me
cringe, but watching Mr. Brown try to put Michael in
his place is so worth it.
This episode also shows Michael picking on Toby for
the first time. Poor Toby...always the under dog.
We were also introduced to a new character in this
episode; Kelly!! The role of Kelly is played by Mindy
Kaling who plays a major role behind the scenes as
well. Mindy has actually written, edited, and produced
several of The Office Episodes. I read somewhere that
they needed another minority so they casted Mindy
because she was Indian. So, she's been on the show
ever since that famous slap heard around the world.
Also, a little known fact, Mr. Brown is played by
Larry Wilmore who has been the consulting producer for
23 episodes of The Office! Neato!
There was a little "Jam" action in this episode. When
Pam falls asleep on Jim's shoulder his facial
expressions are priceless. Jim has such a horrible
day, but Pam sleeping on his shoulder makes it
suddenly "not a bad day" at all.
If only all T.V. shows had this much heart...
See you soon!

Favorite quotes:

"Tit for tit!
THAT is not the expression.
Well it should be."
-Dwight and Jim

"I like it when the cards go "fitfitfitfitfit"

"This is a color free zone here. Stanley! I don't look
at you as another race."

"A hero kills people"

"Signed 'Daffy Duck' *laughs* he is gonna loose it
when he reads that"

"Sholum! Id like to apply for a loan"

"You wanna get high? I think ya do mon."

"Cop a squat"

"Ummmm not a bad day."

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