Hi Everyone!
First of all, its so cool to see how the cast
interacts with one another in the very beginning;
before any of the cast members had formed their
friendships and before everyone was so well known. Not
to mention Michael's hair!
The random employees that are never given a name is
also something that sets the pilot apart from the
other episodes. If you watch closely in the first ever
conference room scene you'll notice about four people
who aren't in many of the later episodes. Also, since
it is the very first this episode, it kind of
introduces us to everyone. We learn that Michael
thinks he is the "Worlds Best Boss", that Dwight is so
power hungry he insists he is not "Assistant TO the
Regional Manager" but "Assistant Regional Manager" and
does not appreciate his things being put in Jello. We
learn that Pam is engaged and Jim doesn't really want
to think about being invited to the wedding, and who
could for get? Pam's favorite flavor is Mixed Berry!
This is always a fun episode to watch no matter how
far into season 4, 5, or 6 we ever get. "Pilot" brings
back great memories.


Favorite Quotes: " 'Thank you very much sir! You are
a gentleman and a scholar. Oh I'm sorry...okay...I'm mistake' that was a woman I was talking to.
She had a very low voice. Probably a smoker."

-Michael, Jim, and Dwight

"You put in the garbage can that was a special filing
cabinet "

"One word two syllables; demarcation"

"I Could fall and pierce... an organ"


"If I left what would i do with all this useless
information in my head?"

"Jim said mixed Berries?? Ohhh wow...ya he's on to

"I am a volunteer sheriffs deputy on the weekends, and
you cannot screw around there. It's sorta one of the

"Dwight I'm sorry because i've always been your
favorite flan.
You should have put him in custardy"
-Jim and Ryan

"Your a jerk!"


Deleted Scenes from 'Pilot'

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