Review-The Alliance

Review- The Alliance

Well, to be honest I am not quite sure what to say
after seeing dwight with blonde hair, but here it
This episode is HILARIOUS. Michael Schur did an
awesome job writing this one, and John Krasinski
(Jim) and Rainn Wilson (Dwight) do some of their best
acting as well. This episode really outlines the
'Jim-Pam-Dwight' relationship. The prank they ull on
Dwight in this episode sets the mood for many many
more pranks to come. Also, in the end when Roy yells
at Jim for supposedly trying to "cup a feel" I really
got the sense that Jim felt the need to explain
himself because (maybe) he actually felt guilty about
having feeling for a women who is engaged. Only time
(and more episodes) will tell how far their
relationship goes....
cya next time

Favorite Quotes-

"This was tough. I suggested we flip a coin, but
Angela said she doesn't like to gamble. Of course, by
saying that, she was gambling that I wouldn't smack

"I'm a deer hunter, I go all the time with my dad. One
thing about deer? They have very good vision. One
thing about me? I'm better at hiding than they are at
vision. "

I spend hours thinking of ways to get back at him but
only in ways that would get me arrested. And then here
he comes and he says, "No, Jim, here's a way."

"Well, tensions were high in the kitchen
I could tell from the body language.
That looks good. What is it? Turkey? "
-Jim and Dwight

"God damn it! Why us?
Because we're strong, Dwight. Because we're strong! "
Jim and Dwight

"I think green is kind of whoreish."

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